Basic Principles
(f) A lifetime for all of us is designed by our spirit (i.e. over-soul and soul) to be an emotional rollercoaster where we experience a combination of both good times and bad times – that serve to create an opportunity for us to discover ‘meaning’ during our lives and to glimpse purpose for our existence.                                         

Many clients struggle with spiritual and existential questions about their lives, such as the meaning of life, guilt, and the inevitability of death. These concerns reflect how clients relate to their world and their personal existence. In some instances these concerns cause them to experience destructive thoughts and impulses, including existential frustration, anxiety, and depression.
Soul Anchored Therapy (SAT) is essentially based on beliefs about the purpose of life. It is a set of beliefs the therapist identifies with – out of which flows an approach to therapy with a set of spiritual and existential messages that help people explore values and goals that are central to their lives. These messages are communicated piece by piece during the course of therapy, and they form a background or an overarching perspective in the therapist’s work with the client along with other therapeutic approaches, such as CBT.
Given the treatment resistance of many mental health disorders with mainstream therapies that aim solely at alleviating isolated complaints, the principles of SAT provide an added meaningful overarching context to the therapeutic process and enhance the likelihood of therapeutic success.
SAT is based on the following basic premise:
(d) There exists a spiritual intuition within all human beings (as we are all connected through consciousness - as are the fingers of the same hand) not to cause injury or to kill others, or to commit suicide, when our emotions are strong and overwhelming.
(e) During the incarnation an opportunity for spiritual development is created through the experience of negative emotions. Negative emotions are created during the course of our lives when our ‘desires’ are thwarted because we are trapped in the ‘dimension of time’ (that prevents us from knowing the future from one moment to the next) and due to the basic characteristics of the ‘physical world’ (e.g. external forces such as space, gravity, environmental conditions, etc.) that often delay or prevent the fulfillment of what we desire. These conditions cause us to experience ‘negative emotions’ out of which the opportunity for emotional insight and eventual spiritual growth is created.
(c) We incarnate on Earth for our spiritual development.
(b) We survive our physical body.  Our consciousness is eternal, fully intact with all our memories, which always remains.
(a) We exist simultaneously on Earth and in the Spiritual Dimension.
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